Dear attachment parenting: I love you, and I hate you

gentle parenting with good boundaries discipline

I have a love / hate relationship with attachment parenting. I love fostering closeness with my children, I love being gentle with them. I love when my kids and I successfully communicate. I enjoy taking care of my little ones in a loving way.

What I don’t love is how challenging discipline can be. The stereotype is that people who choose gentle parenting DON’T discipline their kids, and this accusation is not totally unfounded. True attachment / gentle parenting is not permissive parenting, and it is not avoiding setting boundaries, but in practice… setting and enforcing boundaries gently can be a huge challenge.

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Hey there 2016, baby update, and our Christmas

2016 new year count down toddler party photo

“Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.”

This is kind of how I feel right now. We know not the day or the hour that this baby will be born, but it could be any time between now and my birthday.  I asked Bodie if it seemed like I was a ticking time bomb, and he said a resounding YES. I’m sort of calm about the whole thing, which is crazy, because Christmas stuff is everywhere and I still haven’t finished unpacking or “setting up the nursery”… but whatever. Babies don’t need much. We’ll make do, whenever he decides to make his appearance.

All is well with my health, and I am (very, very) slowly getting more energy back. There are good days and bad days and if I don’t drink crazy amounts of water I end up  parked right back on my couch.

But, things are pretty darn good. We have wonderful and generous friends who are giving us outgrown baby clothes, and offering to help with everything we might need. We had a beautiful (and low key) Christmas, and it was just right. We didn’t do a Christmas card this year, so here’s a picture of our family on Christmas instead:

family photo christmas oh the simple joys

and we did a “practice run” of Miri sleeping over at Grandma’s and she did great. There was talk about a babymoon to NYC, but I wasn’t really strong enough for that so we had a lovely night at home.

New Year’s was also low key, but we ate lots of yummy food and Miriam and I went to a friend’s Countdown to Noon party. It was very sweet, the kids loved it though I don’t think any of them understood the meaning of the holiday.

countdown to noon party new year's toddlers family parenting kids

So now I’ll finish getting the house in order, put the Christmas stuff away, and get ready for this baby! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, New Years, and holiday season.

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Bedrest, burgers, and baby’s first ornament

weekly update bedrest pregnancy iron heart rate monitor christmas holiday ornaments catholic bloggers mom family parenting


Healthy foods! My OB wanted me to start eating healthier, so I sauteed some chicken breast and put it in one of those southwest salad packs. It was actually delicious, and we will likely be having this again. Unfortunately my healthy eating kick sort of dwindled this week as other health problems popped up *spoiler alert: I’m very, probably, totally fine* and I am glad to have a chicken over salad dinner “recipe” that we all like in my arsenal.


Got very dizzy and short of breath in church, and had to stay seated most of the time since I was afraid I’d get worse and pass out. Made it up for communion and then dodged out of there before I got too bad to drive home. Made it home, and Bodie came down and got Miriam and I out of the car. Laid around trying to recover, but had several more dizzy / short of breath spells and so Bodie ordered some take out for dinner.

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Adventures in moving… a couple weeks ago!

We did it. Moving was… a challenge. To say the least. but it was also full of a surprising amount of family time and hidden joys. And we all love the new house that we are renting, so at this point I’m going to say “It was worth it”.

We caved and let the movers help us pack for a couple hours, we had to have Bodie’s car towed to the new house, we ended up skipping celebrating Halloween, All Souls, and All Saints. We aren’t totally unpacked yet, and probably won’t be for a little while… but that’s all okay. Because we did it.

And there were some incredibly sweet moments, like Miriam napping on the floor of our old apartment while I cleaned:

sleeping toddler carpet moving oh the simple joys

And sitting on a giant mountain of boxes after the movers came and packed our things…

moving boxes toddler kids family new house oh the simple joys

and the sweet time we spent together as a family doing things like watch Bodie try to jump his car without getting electrocuted, rejoicing in our decision NOT to stay in a hotel room that was just one step too skeezy feeling, and eating WaWa dinner in the parked car WHILE movers loaded all our things into the truck.

Speaking of food, there were some very delicious times too. Since our hotel didn’t have a kitchen (but it did have a fridge!) we ate at various local restaurants. I had a particularly amazing salad at Winberies. It had sautéed apples, blue cheese, and candied walnuts… delicious foods of fall.

I also have to give a shout out to Kingston Deli, a local place I used to stop at with my mom that has amaaazing deli sandwiches. Bodie and I each had some version of a reuben, eaten in our second (okay technically third) hotel room of the move.

But now we are here and here is feeling more like home every day. We are getting through the hard work of unpacking, we have started to have a couple friends (who won’t mind our boxes and bags) over.

So that’s where I’ve been, and I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted but I’m just going to be okay with that. I love blogging, and don’t want to quit, but between moving, holidays, and being in my third trimester things are just going to be a little slower around here.

Speaking of slowly, I’m not going to do any new house pictures or baby bump pictures in this post sadly, because that would just delay publishing and it has been sitting here partially written for like… two weeks. So, I love you all, we are good here (if a bit busy), and I’ll write again soon.


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Annunciations about enunciation, 7 quick takes


Moving. Moving, moving, moving. Everything is quiet around the blog because I’m in a pregnant flurry of many loads of laundry and packing. We’re moving Nov. 1, to a house that is so many kinds of perfect.

I am a little sad to leave our apartment; it’s been our home for a few wonderful years, and though it only has one bathroom and requires that I walk down an outdoor flight of stairs with toddler everytime I want to go somewhere, it has been a great home.


friends children toddlers farm oh the simple joys

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