Building your personal parenting style + a giveaway!

Disclaimer: Family Christian sent me a copy of Mothering From Scratch to review. They are also providing the winners of the giveaway with copies of the book. All thoughts, opinions, etc. are honest and my own.


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When I first had a baby, I knew that I knew nothing. Yet everything seemed to come fairly easily. Some nurse told me to follow my instincts, and I did. I’m not saying there weren’t challenges, but Miriam was a very easy baby. Like Melinda, one of the authors of “Mothering From Scratch”, I ended up thinking that I just naturally was awesome at parenting. I had all the answers — until suddenly I didn’t.

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Taking the time to slow down: a pregnant mother’s prayer

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I have to slow down. I don’t want to. I feel like I’m finally at a point where I am (barely, tentatively) getting the hang of this stay at home mom thing… and now I have to stop. To slow down. To not get as many things done as I’d like. I sound more frustrated than I am, probably. I’m thankful that I am healthy, that my baby is healthy, that this pregnancy is progressing well. I am glad to rest when I have the time, and when everyone is fed, watered, and given plenty of love and attention.

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Baby crying nonstop during the ‘witching hour’? CIO not necessary

I came across a comment from a parent today that said she had to use the “cry it out” method of sleep training because her baby was crying for about an hour in the evening no matter what she did. When Miri was an infant, she also had a very rough hour or two right around dinner time. My mama said that I had a fussier time too when I was a baby, in fact, she called it “the witching hour”.

don't let your baby cry it out during the witching hour

For us, the witching hour fell when Daddy came home from work and everything was busy. He thought it was him coming home that made her cry. The thought crossed my mind that maybe she just didn’t want to let me eat. Of course, since we know that babies are not manipulative, my sweet girl didn’t hate her father or want to prevent me from eating… she just was a normal baby who needed a little bit of extra attention at a certain time of day.

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Broke your parenting rules? Self care means self forgiveness

I write a lot about parenting. I write as a parent, I write for parents, I write about how I parent. I talk about parenting a lot too. And when I talk and share and write, people talk and share and write back. One thing that struck me about the way people are responding to my messages is, they seem to think that my “rules” are absolute, that there is no “wiggle room” in the decisions I’ve made about the way I choose to parent.

forgiving ourselves as parents

If I write about us never giving our kid sugar, that does not mean we absolutely never-ever, 100% no way-never let Miriam have sweets. She had a tiny amount of Easter cake today. She skipped her nap, was miserable, and we all regretted it, but my point is— I do not follow my own rules perfectly. Who does? We do our best, and make the best decisions we can for our kids, but this parenting stuff is not always so clear cut.

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