Building your personal parenting style + a giveaway!

Disclaimer: Family Christian sent me a copy of Mothering From Scratch to review. They are also providing the winners of the giveaway with copies of the book. All thoughts, opinions, etc. are honest and my own.


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When I first had a baby, I knew that I knew nothing. Yet everything seemed to come fairly easily. Some nurse told me to follow my instincts, and I did. I’m not saying there weren’t challenges, but Miriam was a very easy baby. Like Melinda, one of the authors of “Mothering From Scratch”, I ended up thinking that I just naturally was awesome at parenting. I had all the answers — until suddenly I didn’t.

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7 easy ways to reduce your waste as a family

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by, but all thoughts and opinions in this article are honest and my own. 


7 easy ways to reduce your waste as a family trash recycle reuse thrift zero-waste oh the simple joys parenting

  1. Reusable containers while on the go
    You can use items you have around the house (like mason jars) to bring your lunch or snack on the go, or you can buy fun containers like this awesome zip up snack pouch from that we now use. Other reusable on-the-go food ideas are thermoses, water bottles, bento boxes, and don’t forget the flatware!
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SavvyBaby Muslin Swaddle Blankets Review

Disclaimer: SavvyBaby sent me a set of their swaddle blankets for me to review. All thoughts, opinions, etc. are original and my own. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.


Bottom line, love this company, love these blankets. Some of you may remember I reviewed SavvyBaby’s stroller organizer earlier this year, and how awesome all the extra features were. The same company also has a line of muslin swaddle blankets that are just so darn sweet, I can’t wait to use them with our new little one.

savvybaby muslin swaddle blanket review oh the simple joys baby products gear registry

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Breakfast Traditions – Petit Dejeuner

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Rumiano Cheese Company. All stories, thoughts, opinions, etc. are my own.

Growing up I often spent weekday breakfasts at my Grandparent’s house. My Grandmother watched me while my Mom went to medical school, and then later while she was at work, and their house was my second home. I have so many joy filled memories of my time there, and today I wanted to share one with you.

For breakfast, we often would have “petit dejeuner”, a tradition that I brought with me as I formed my own little family. Petit dejeuner is French for breakfast, and in France I’m sure it includes plenty of delicious croissant and pastries… but in my family it is toast with butter and cheese, occasionally fruit, or simple foods.

petit dejeuner breakfast traditions rumiano cheese oh the simple joys

In my Grandparent’s house, we often ate a variety of hard and soft cheeses, some quite stinky, others very mild. In my house, we have mostly been sticking to sharp cheddar since Bodie and I both love it, and it keeps our breakfast budget down.

For this petit dejeuner, we sampled Rumiano’s organic, grass fed sharp cheddar. It was creamy, fairly mild, and delicious. All three of us enjoyed it, and my two year old is usually a hard sell on the sharp cheddars.

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