Annunciations about enunciation, 7 quick takes


Moving. Moving, moving, moving. Everything is quiet around the blog because I’m in a pregnant flurry of many loads of laundry and packing. We’re moving Nov. 1, to a house that is so many kinds of perfect.

I am a little sad to leave our apartment; it’s been our home for a few wonderful years, and though it only has one bathroom and requires that I walk down an outdoor flight of stairs with toddler everytime I want to go somewhere, it has been a great home.


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What’s for supper? Oh, just carbs and cheese.

As always, thank you to Simcha Fisher for hosting What’s For Supper? on her blog. I’d love to hear what you had for supper this week, even if it involved ramen and hot dogs, like some of our previous weeks.

Last Friday:

In continuing efforts to use up the random items in my cabinets we had ground beef + onions sauteed, then simmered in gravy and served with mashed potatoes and frozen peas. It was delicious, if a little odd and cowboy-ish. Next time I’ll probably add mushrooms to up the veggie content.


Italian style pork chops, which may or may not actually be Italian. I take thin cut boneless pork chops, dip them in egg, cover them in bread crumbs, and saute them in a pan. I boil pasta, add marinara sauce, then put it in a baking dish and throw the pork chops and some more marinara on top. Add mozzerella cheese or parm if you like, I guess then it would sort of be like Pork Chop Parmesan. Which Bodie thought was weird, so I didn’t add cheese.

Like Kendra, I usually don’t make two dinners, but I make a few exceptions, and one of these is if I am pregnant and do not feel up for eating what everyone else is. So Bodie and Miri enjoyed Italian pork chops, and I had a sandwich. All of us ate the leftovers for lunch on Monday too, so none was wasted. Except for the pork chop that I dropped on the floor. We won’t talk about that one. Note to self: keep kitchen floors tidier.

italian pork chops spaghetti recipe dinner marinara parmesan oh the simple joys
Italian Pork Chops from the night before I went into labor
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Our weekly suppers, a hospital overnight, and a meal planning printable

What’s for supper this week? Thank you to Simcha Fisher for hosting this lovely weekly collection of dinner ideas. We had a crazy week which involved a hospital overnight, but I did not have to run to the market in the middle of the week, and I am still loving our meal planning technique.

So starting with last Friday since that’s where we left off… we celebrated the Feast of St. Augustine! Augustine of Hippo is one of my favorite saints, and he is Bodie’s patron saint. Since he is from Northern Africa, I chose to make one of their traditional desserts (according to wikipedia), of seasonal fruit, honey, and then we added yogurt.

roasted nectarines with honey and plain yogurt north african dessert desserts feast of saint augustine celebrate seasonal fruit treat


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What’s For Supper Vol. 2

what's for supper meal planning week family food recipes oh the simple joys

Thank you to one of my favorite bloggers Simcha Fisher for starting this “What’s for Supper” link up! She started it with the premise that:

“While I’m no cooking jainyus, I do manage to feed twelve people, seven days a week, without spending a million dollars and without anyone getting rickets.” – Simcha Fisher, What’s For Supper Vol. 2

Brilliant yes? I think so too. I can barely manage to keep the three (plus one) of us fed and watered. In fact this week was one of the first weeks that I really attempted meal planning. It started off kind of rough…

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A new Sunday link up, sushi while pregnant, and my handwriting obsession

So this is the final installment of Answer Me This, which is bittersweet, because I have really enjoyed joining this link up… BUT…

I am starting something that I hope will be awesome, and I invite you all to join me next Sunday for…

sunday family meals oh the simple joys blog link up

Basically, next week, and every Sunday until we decide to quit, I’m going to host a link up where you can share your posts about a family meal you had that week. You can include the recipe or not, but I love seeing pictures of family tables and hearing about how you guys break bread with your loved ones. 

I also really hope that this will encourage others (and myself) to put some thought into making at least one meal out of the week a special time for family, with some thought, preparation, and care. But if you want to show us pictures of your hot dogs and slurpees, go for it. That’s cool too. I can’t wait.

Sunday Family Meals will start next Sunday, August 2, and I’ll probably open the link up around 8 am EST. I’m still working out the details but write it on your calendar, and follow OTSJ on Facebook for more updates.

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