Family homeschooling, thrush, and successful homemade pizza

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1. homeschooling successes

Miriam can find Waldo. All credit to her, and to Grandma who introduced Miri to the Where’s Waldo book. Last night she also had much success with the Highlights version of this game, and seems to finally be old enough for some of the stories and activities in the magazine. Bodie’s teaching addition and subtraction, and we’re also learning about color patterns using these big blocky lego things.

2. thrush

We’ve got it, or at least James does. I hear it’s really hard to get rid of? How bad is this going to get folks? So far, we’re all fine, James is taking medicine and I’ll eat some extra yogurt or something.

3. family time outside

flag outdoor spring playhouse toddler
and some good ol’ fashioned patriotism
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Happy Chanukah, pregnancy challenges, & our suppers this week

Happy Chanukah!


Yes we are Catholic, yes we celebrate Chanukah. I grew up in a Jewish / Presbyterian household, and then converted later (which you can read about here), but still took a few family traditions with me.

So we had a lovely family dinner with my parents and grandparents, latkes, brisket, the works. Miriam loved it, she was fascinated by the lights and the new Chanukah books that magically appeared on our living room table.

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Our weekly suppers, a hospital overnight, and a meal planning printable

What’s for supper this week? Thank you to Simcha Fisher for hosting this lovely weekly collection of dinner ideas. We had a crazy week which involved a hospital overnight, but I did not have to run to the market in the middle of the week, and I am still loving our meal planning technique.

So starting with last Friday since that’s where we left off… we celebrated the Feast of St. Augustine! Augustine of Hippo is one of my favorite saints, and he is Bodie’s patron saint. Since he is from Northern Africa, I chose to make one of their traditional desserts (according to wikipedia), of seasonal fruit, honey, and then we added yogurt.

roasted nectarines with honey and plain yogurt north african dessert desserts feast of saint augustine celebrate seasonal fruit treat


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What’s For Supper Vol. 2

what's for supper meal planning week family food recipes oh the simple joys

Thank you to one of my favorite bloggers Simcha Fisher for starting this “What’s for Supper” link up! She started it with the premise that:

“While I’m no cooking jainyus, I do manage to feed twelve people, seven days a week, without spending a million dollars and without anyone getting rickets.” – Simcha Fisher, What’s For Supper Vol. 2

Brilliant yes? I think so too. I can barely manage to keep the three (plus one) of us fed and watered. In fact this week was one of the first weeks that I really attempted meal planning. It started off kind of rough…

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