7 Ways My Toddler Helps Clean

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I was happily going about our day and I realized, my kid helps me a lot. Sure, it sometimes makes the work harder, but much of my housekeeping is done with toddler in tow. Kids can clean, and kids SHOULD clean, since it helps the family and they will one day have to do it for themselves.

So here’s my list of seven ways that my toddler helps me clean up around the house:

1. Fetching something

My two year old can fetch diapers for her brother, her shoes, my water bottle if I’m stuck on the couch nursing… you get the gist of it.

2. helping unload the dishwasher

I take the knives and sharp things out first, but I do let her (carefully) help even with some glass items. If she has a stool to stand on, she can sort the silverware by herself.

kids chores toddler baby one two years old
My 1.5 year old helper. In the past year, she has learned the art of sorting!
3. wiping up a spill

Lots of spills around here. I usually come help or make sure that she’s done a good job. Miri knows where the paper towels and napkins are, and can usually get one herself and clean up.

4. straightening up

Probably our least favorite chore, but my toddler can definitely help straighten her toys and other household items. Especially if I tell her where to put them, and she gets to hold things that don’t belong to her. She likes fetching and putting away things that belong to others more than she likes to clean her own stuff, and I get it, other people’s stuff is cooler and more exciting.

5. throwing something in the trash or recycling

Goes along well with straightening up. We have full sized trash and recycling cans, but she’s mastered the art of stepping on the little lid flipper. I do still tell her which objects need to go in the trash can, and which need to be recycled.

6. assist in sibling care

I know people have lots of opinions about whether big sister or big brother should be allowed to help care for their younger siblings. My short answer is: yes, definitely, it’s great practice and we work and play as a family. It is hard not to squelch this little desire to help, but I’ve read about a million articles saying you shouldn’t, so I let my daughter do as much as she can.

This looks like assisting with onesie snaps or zippers, doing the velcro part of the diaper change, helping put baby’s socks on or arm through the arm hole. Sometimes I let her bounce the bouncy chair (with supervision, so she doesn’t bounce her brother across the room). Speaking of which, we love this bouncy seat. (Amazon Affiliate Link*)

7. help make a bed

Not that we make our beds every day at this stage of life, but when we do, my little one can help. She can take the pillows off and put them back on, and pull on or off one corner of the blanket. This actually IS helpful, and means I don’t have to do all the work on both sides, just go over it quickly when she’s done.

So that’s it! How do your little ones help around the house? This post is linked up with Kelly over at 7 Quick Takes.

*as part of the Amazon Affiliates program, if you buy something after going through my link, I get a small commission. All thoughts, opinions, etc. are honest and my own of course 🙂

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5 tips for joyfully hosting overnight guests + free printable

*Disclaimer: I received a free set of Fleur D’Extase soaps to review. There is also an Amazon Affiliate link in here, which you can read more on in my About section. All thoughts, opinions, etc. are honest and my own.*

5 tips for joyfully hosting overnight guests holidays visitors host prep preparations

Create a list of fun activities that your guests can do with or without you

This is one that I did the first time that Bodie’s parents came to stay with us. It ended up being such a blessing. I separated the list into categories — activities they could do in a short period of time (like going on a walk around our apartment complex), slightly longer (visiting a local museum) and day trips. I also included a list of restaurants I wanted to show them.

Having a list like this can empower your guest to really have a better visit, because THEY know what kind of activities they like, and can look it over on their own and decide which sound good. I included both indoor and outdoor activities, and ones that we could do as a group or that they could do on their own.

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I didn’t get the clean gene – seven quick takes


WE FOUND A HOUSE!!! I practically can’t contain my excitement. It is beautiful, and 100% sent from God. I went back and forth about it for awhile, unsure about a few things, but I left Sunday mass KNOWING it was the house for us. Bodie loves it just as much as I do. We went back to the area to visit one more time, then called up the landlord and signed the lease that very day.

I am also really thankful that we are now done looking at rentals, and that I know where I’m going to live when this baby comes. Now all we have to do is move in, and we’ll do that in late Oct / early Nov.


Local farms in October

local farms hay bale hay maze fall autumn oh the simple joys october

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slow down oh the simple joys pace pregnancy rest relax self care take care parenting

I have to slow down. I don’t want to. I feel like I’m finally at a point where I am (barely, tentatively) getting the hang of this stay at home mom thing… and now I have to stop. To slow down. To not get as many things done as I’d like. I sound more frustrated than I am, probably. I’m thankful that I am healthy, that my baby is healthy, that this pregnancy is progressing well. I am glad to rest when I have the time, and when everyone is fed, watered, and given plenty of love and attention.

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