Building your personal parenting style + a giveaway!

Disclaimer: Family Christian sent me a copy of Mothering From Scratch to review. They are also providing the winners of the giveaway with copies of the book. All thoughts, opinions, etc. are honest and my own.


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When I first had a baby, I knew that I knew nothing. Yet everything seemed to come fairly easily. Some nurse told me to follow my instincts, and I did. I’m not saying there weren’t challenges, but Miriam was a very easy baby. Like Melinda, one of the authors of “Mothering From Scratch”, I ended up thinking that I just naturally was awesome at parenting. I had all the answers — until suddenly I didn’t.

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Baby Mantra Body & Bath Products Review + Giveaway!

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Disclaimer: I received this product for the purpose of this review, however, I am not compensated for writing or obligated to write anything specific. These are my own opinions and they have not been influenced in any way by Baby Mantra.


I’m going to say flat out — I loved playing with this set! Miriam is obsessed with the hand lotion, and I’m hoarding the diaper cream and massage oil until this new baby is born. I also was thrilled to see that Baby Mantra makes a natural bubble bath for babies / kids, because I have been on the search for one forever.

But let’s get into the specifics… how natural is it? You can read the full details here, but the gist of it is that their products are organic, sustainable, natural ingredients, and not tested on animals. I felt very safe using them on myself and my toddler. It’s important to me to try to find natural products not only because I think they work better, but because we try to limit our exposure to any kind of potentially harmful chemicals and pesticides.

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Trouble praying? Prayer journaling, a book review + giveaway!

Disclaimer: Family Christian provided me with a copy of “Praying the Bible” for review, and they are providing one to the giveaway winner (see below).This review and all the thoughts and opinions contained in it are honest and my own. This post contains Family Christian Affiliate Links. 

In his most recent book “Praying The Bible”, Donald S. Whitney, offers readers a method of prayer that draws from the bible, particularly the psalms to pray through the regular concerns, thanksgivings, and petitions we have each day. Though I was a little unsure at first, (perhaps because we are different denominations), I found the book very clear, and his method was very fulfilling.

praying the bible review donald don s whitney s. how to pray prayer christian faith catholic biblical oh the simple joys

Whitney is a professor of biblical spirituality and associate dean at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Whitney talks like a pastor, but his speech is clear. You don’t have to have a deep understanding of theology to read his book — he writes at a level that is easy for all to understand and so for some, this will be an easy read. That’s okay though, the whole point is to get you praying the method right? And his method was one that I enjoyed very much.

Though I’m not terribly familiar with the concept of prayer in other denominations, I believe that most Christian faiths including Catholics would find that this method of prayer fits in with their beliefs. In fact, since you have to choose part of the bible to pray over, Catholics (or others) could even use the daily reading, especially the responsorial psalm, as the chosen passage to pray through.

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