Summer Recipe: Sausage Stir Fry

kielbasa dinner stir fry perfect for summer recipe

This is a quick and easy dinner that is great for summer, especially if you live in an apartment and don’t have a grill but still want to enjoy summer foods like delicious Polish sausage called kielbasa. This recipe takes me about 20 minutes, and makes 2-3 servings

1 lb of kielbasa sausage (or substitute Italian sausage)
1 green pepper
1 medium onion
olive oil

If you are using raw sausage, you will want to saute it prior to beginning this recipe. Kielbasa is already cooked (smoked) so all you need to do is brown it. Heat a pan with about 1 tbsp olive oil on a med-high burner and cut the kielbasa into little rounds. I use scissors to do this. Once the pan is good and hot, throw the sausages in and don’t touch them. While they are browning, cut up your pepper and onion into strips. When the sausage has browned on one side and is ready to be mixed, add your veggies and season with salt/pepper. Once the peppers and onions are soft/browned, they’re ready to be served up!

You can eat this plain for a low carb version, or serve on a hot dog roll or with potatoes. I sometimes also add mushrooms or other vegetables to the mix, I’d love to hear what kind of variations you come up with!


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Baked Chicken Nuggets – 3 ingredients, 20 minutes, healthy meal!

I made these last night and they were delicious! I only wish that I had made more to freeze, we ate them all for dinner! These homemade chicken nuggets were so easy, and only have 3 ingredients (not counting salt and pepper, which I happened to forget anyway): ground chicken, panko bread crumbs, and olive oil! The whole process of making them was quick and painless, and I knew the quality of the meat and breading was much healthier than any chicken nuggets that can be bought in stores.

homemade baked chicken nuggets


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Easiest Fish Curry You’ll Ever Make

Tilapia Curry
Tilapia Curry

I love curry, but hate how I never have any of the ingredients in the house. Sure, I could maybe keep them around, but how often do I make curry, really? This simple but delicious fish curry is made with tilapia, and I only had to pick up the coconut milk, the rest of these I keep around the house. I could even keep coconut milk in stock, especially since curries are such an easy way to bring color and delicious flavor to these dreary winter months. I have done this with chicken too, and you could substitute that, but the fish is healthy and I rarely post fish dishes, so:

4 pieces of tilapia cut into chunks about an inch big
one small yellow onion, sliced
a handful of spinach
1 tomato cut into chunks
sriracha hot sauce to taste (optional)
one can of coconut milk
curry powder
olive oil

1. Heat a wok or large pan over medium-high heat with about a tablespoon and a half of olive oil and swoosh it around when it is hot.
2. Saute the onion slices in the wok, and when they start to soften, add the chunks of tilapia. Do not stir too often or the tilapia will fall apart too soon and not get that nice pan fried flavor and texture.
3. When the fish is cooked 3/4 of the way through (mostly opaque) add the rest of the ingredients. Let it burble away until the ingredients are well combined, the spinach is cooked, and it changes from looking like a bunch of ingredients to one whole stew. Keep watching it, you’ll know when it’s done.
4. Serve over rice, or eat plain!

You can do this recipe with tons of variations, substitute the fish for another protein, sub the spinach and tomatoes for other veges, add potato, add more curry ingredients that you have around your house, anything. It’s also really good with Trader Joe’s peanut vinaigrette, which is milder than sriracha and adds a peanut flavor.

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Spinach, Sausage, and Farfalle Cheese Casserole

Spinach, Sausage, Farfalle Cheese Casserole
Spinach, Sausage, Farfalle Cheese Casserole

This “casserole” is sort of like a deliciously lighter version of lasagna, and melds together some of my favorite fall ingredients. Spinach is one of those items thatI like to buy organic, because it is on that “dirty dozen” list. Essentially, pesticide is really good at sticking to the leafy spinach and so if you can buy or grow organic, go for it. Farfalle is bowtie pasta, and you can really use any kind of pasta you like, this would also be delicious with penne rigate.


3 links of Italian sausage
1/2 bag spinach (about 5 oz)
2 tbsp butter
1/2 box farfalle
3/4 c ricotta cheese
1 c sharp white cheddar cheese (shredded)
extra version olive oil
salt and pepper


1. Fill a pot (or saucepan as I did) 3/4 way with water and add a bit of salt, put on a high burner. When the water boils, cook your pasta according to the instructions on the package.


2. Saute sausage in a pan with a tbsp of olive oil and a little salt and pepper allowing the sausage to brown on all sides. When sausage is done, add spinach and about 1/2 c of water. When the spinach is just wilted, remove from heat.


3. Preheat oven to 350. Pour pasta into a casserole dish and add 2 tbsp butter, and your sausage spinach mixture making sure to include all the pan juices. Add shredded sharp white cheddar and mix, reserving some for top. Using a teaspoon, put blobs of ricotta cheese all around and toss gently so that some are intermixed. Do not over mix.


4. Put a thin layer of shredded cheese and a few ricotta blobs on top, and then put dish into oven and cook for about 15 minutes or until cheese is melted and the top starts to turn golden brown.


5. Remove from oven and serve hot! Enjoy!

Tell me your variations, I’d love to hear! As always in my kitchen, measurements are approximations, and you should change them based on your taste and personal preference. Can’t wait to hear about your version!

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White Bean and Kale Pasta w/ Chicken



Ingredients: 1/2 bag Penne Rigate, 1 can white beans, 1/2 head of kale, 2 chicken breasts, garlic, salt and pepper, olive oil

Directions: Saute chicken in the olive oil on medium to high heat searing the outside. While the chicken is searing (try not to mix it too much) tear the kale into salad sized pieces. Boil the pasta separately and drain, returning to pot when done. If you are using canned instead of fresh white beans, rinse them with cold water to freshen them up. Once the chicken is mostly cooked, turn it down to med-low and add the kale, white beans, and as much garlic as you like. When the kale becomes dark and wilted, add the mixture to the pasta, and add a little more olive oil and garlic to create a sauce and heat on med low while mixing together until garlic is soft and hot.

As always, please share your variations! My thoughts for this are, you could try it without the chicken or with other meats, and you could use fresh beans instead of canned or another type of pasta. Happy cooking!



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