My huge baby, a few favorites, and weekly meal plan

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week in review

big grumpy baby
big grumpy baby

1.  My huge baby is huge. At his one month check up he’d gained just about 2 lbs above his birth weight, some of which he lost in those early few days. He’s sleepin’ great (I highly recommend letting your child cluster feed all evening… as annoying as it is, I get to sleep at night!) and we love discovering new things about him every day. For example, I now know that when he won’t eat and starts to flail around and punch my chest, it means he wants to be burped.

2.  Blogging looks a little bit like this:

mom life nursing oatmeal real life keeping it real
what? you don’t usually blog while nursing and eating cold oatmeal?
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True Story: I had appendicitis while 6 weeks pregnant

true story appendicitis pregnant I got had pregnancy illness hospital surgery antibiotics overnight

A couple of months ago on a Tuesday, I was visiting my Mom on her day off. I wanted to let her babysit Miriam while I ran to the grocery store, but I started to have really bad pain in my abdomen and just laid in her guest room thinking it would pass and I would be able to leave. An hour or so went by and I was worse, not better. My Mom offered to do my marketing for me, with my toddler (isn’t she a saint?) while I rested, but I didn’t even feel strong enough to safely stay home alone, or to speak to the maintenance people who were working at her house.

Flexible as she is, my Mom took inventory of what I needed at the store and found some essentials from her house to give to me to take home. But I was in too much pain to drive. She made dinner for us, waited for my Dad to get home so that they could drive me and my car back to my house. My Dad came home and they were ready to take me, but at this point my pain was so bad that I didn’t even think I could handle sitting in the car. I think at the time I  said it was as bad or worse than being in labor — it was like one constant contraction that didn’t go away.

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10 breastfeeding tips for new moms or moms-to-be

10 tips for breastfeeding success, nursing success, how to prepare to breastfeed baby infant nursing

I’ve been breastfeeding for over two years now. It’s something I found myself interested in, and so I have done copious amounts of research on the subject, and been an active member of several breastfeeding communities. This doesn’t make me an expert — the true experts are Lactation Consultants (see #5) so if you are having serious problems nursing please speak to an LC. For the rest of us, here’s some great advice from one seasoned mama:

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11 Healthy, No-Prep Snacks for Nursing Moms

babble healthy nursing snakcs

When you have a new baby, and you’re trying to nurse every 3-4 hours around the clock, you barely have time to sleep, shower, or even eat. But it’s important to keep your energy levels up, and when it comes to snacking — keep it easy!

In addition to being my go-to nursing snacks, these 11 foods were total lifesavers when I realized I was getting cranky from lack of sleep, lack of calories, and the busy life of a first time mom. The following natural snack suggestions are full of healthy proteins, vitamins, and nutrients to give you that extra spark and strength.

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Advocating for greater postpartum education

postpartum period

I write today to implore teachers, educators, physicians, bloggers, women and men everywhere to come together in a common goal: educating ourselves about the time of a woman’s life known as the “postpartum period”; those days, weeks, and months following childbirth.

Why is it important that we ALL know about this period of life, that only happens to women, and only women who give birth? Several reasons. We need to educate everyone who is capable of providing support, even indirectly in the postpartum period including other women, spouses, friends, employers, and coworkers of women. It is also very important that we educate those who may someday influence company or government policies on maternity and postpartum care on the specific issues that need to be taken into consideration.

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