Sunday Family Meals Link Up Vol. 1

I am so thrilled to be hosting this new Sunday Family Meals Link Up, I can’t wait to see what you all made, hear about your conversation, and share in the encouragement to make family meals a priority.

sunday family meals blog link up encouragement family oh the simple joys food table
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This week, perhaps since it was our first week, nothing went according to plan. I went to get the groceries early the day before I planned to make our special meal, and after spending an hour shopping realized I left my wallet at home (why oh why did I just shove it in that Old Navy bag?) and so I had to leave all my groceries there, and come back the next day.

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A new Sunday link up, sushi while pregnant, and my handwriting obsession

So this is the final installment of Answer Me This, which is bittersweet, because I have really enjoyed joining this link up… BUT…

I am starting something that I hope will be awesome, and I invite you all to join me next Sunday for…

sunday family meals oh the simple joys blog link up

Basically, next week, and every Sunday until we decide to quit, I’m going to host a link up where you can share your posts about a family meal you had that week. You can include the recipe or not, but I love seeing pictures of family tables and hearing about how you guys break bread with your loved ones. 

I also really hope that this will encourage others (and myself) to put some thought into making at least one meal out of the week a special time for family, with some thought, preparation, and care. But if you want to show us pictures of your hot dogs and slurpees, go for it. That’s cool too. I can’t wait.

Sunday Family Meals will start next Sunday, August 2, and I’ll probably open the link up around 8 am EST. I’m still working out the details but write it on your calendar, and follow OTSJ on Facebook for more updates.

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Answer Me This Vol. 22: Home Sweet Home

Joining this week’s “Answer Me This” from Catholic All Year, a blog that I really have been digging recently. As always, I would love to hear your answers to any or all of these questions so feel free to post your own or chime in down below in the comment section.

Answer me this!

1. How long have you lived in your current home?

In August it will be two years. We’re currently in a 2 bedroom apartment, which is big enough for the three of us, and has served us well these past two years. It’s the only apartment I’ve ever lived in that has been almost completely bug-free and problem free, it has lots of windows and light, the location is ideal, and there are just so many good things about it I really cannot complain.

messy living room toys toddler book case Catholic apartment oh the simple joys answer me this
Our wonderful, messy little living room. I once swore I’d never let toys live in grown up spaces, then I realized that all spaces in the home were for family.

We would eventually like some more space, maybe a yard for Miri to run around in, so we’ll see where life takes us and when. In the meantime, this little apartment has done us well, and I’m thankful that we found it.

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