Welcome sweet boy! Baby James’ birth story

Welcome to the world James! We love you so much already, and you aren’t even a week old.

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James was born Tuesday, January 26 at 2:04pm in the afternoon. He was an unexpected 10 lbs 7 oz, and 23.25 inches long!

My OB had mentioned to me, “I don’t think you grow little babies” (Miriam was 8lb 9 oz) but truly we were all surprised by how big he was. 

The week James was born was the most incredible week of my life. Bodie and I got married! Then there was a huge blizzard. Then baby James was born! All in one week. I’ll share more details about those things later, this post is all about our new little one.

And now for his birth story…

Monday I did some serious nesting, in fact I think I nested myself right into labor. I was setting up the guest room / kids’ room, sorting baby clothes, etc. and just as I was grabbing some empty diaper packages to recycle, my water broke right there in front of the changing table. I had just said to Bodie “We need to get this, this and this done before your parents and the baby come”, and then next thing I was screaming for him from the other room to tell him my water broke.

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Handling annoyances with grace, and dreaming of home birth 7 Quick Takes

7 quick takes handling annoyances with grace dreaming of home birth oh the simple joys catholic


Not yelling at people on the phone, or in person, about random business problems that crop up and make my life a little harder. Examples: my apartment complex turned the water off without warning us, Target is making me use that stupid debit card chip reader that never seems to work right, etc. These are not things worth getting frustrated or yelling at others for. These are tiny opportunities for humility, grace, and offering up my tiny little bit of suffering.Yet somehow, perhaps during the time I spent working as a receptionist, this is how I learned to “get things done”. Yelling, fighting, demanding to speak to a manager. Repeating in a voice full of disbelief just how WRONG it is. Well no matter how wrong or inconvenient it was in the first place, I am wrong when I handle it that way. Working to build a peaceful life, being gentle and kind, soft and feminine… these are my goals. When I handle a situation like this badly, I am prioritizing winning over those goals of mine, and over treating humans kindly and respectfully, and that makes me feel pretty darn awful.

So I’m giving that up. Or trying to, trying really hard. I did better this afternoon with that Target thing. Next time will be even better, I hope, I pray. Send me your tips and your prayers, I need ’em!

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Baby update, Answer Me This, and first trips to the beach!

Baby update:

11 week bump pregnant baby pregnancy moms parenting oh the simple joys catholic pro life

Starting things off with a bump update! Not huge yet, in fact this dress kind of hides our dear Tummy Baby. Still feeling really good, sleeping extra, and not being at all interested in eating between 3pm and 10pm. I served breakfast for dinner twice this week, because I just didn’t want to eat anything that time of day. I’m adjusting, learning that it’s my normal for now.

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10 breastfeeding tips for new moms or moms-to-be

10 tips for breastfeeding success, nursing success, how to prepare to breastfeed baby infant nursing

I’ve been breastfeeding for over two years now. It’s something I found myself interested in, and so I have done copious amounts of research on the subject, and been an active member of several breastfeeding communities. This doesn’t make me an expert — the true experts are Lactation Consultants (see #5) so if you are having serious problems nursing please speak to an LC. For the rest of us, here’s some great advice from one seasoned mama:

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Advocating for greater postpartum education

postpartum period

I write today to implore teachers, educators, physicians, bloggers, women and men everywhere to come together in a common goal: educating ourselves about the time of a woman’s life known as the “postpartum period”; those days, weeks, and months following childbirth.

Why is it important that we ALL know about this period of life, that only happens to women, and only women who give birth? Several reasons. We need to educate everyone who is capable of providing support, even indirectly in the postpartum period including other women, spouses, friends, employers, and coworkers of women. It is also very important that we educate those who may someday influence company or government policies on maternity and postpartum care on the specific issues that need to be taken into consideration.

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