Mamaway Baby Ring Sling Carrier Review

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I have to start by telling you all that I do not know where Mamaway stands on BCIA membership, or CPSIA compliancy. My Babywearing International friends tell me these things are very important, and so I asked the company twice but haven’t heard back about those two things. That being said, if you make your own sling, or buy one another mama made, it won’t have these certifications, and it may still be just fine to use.

I looked over the sling before using it and to me it looked well made. Stitching was nice, ring seemed sturdy, I felt comfortable holding Miriam in it. I guess I never really trust my carrier, so having a carrier I’m not sure has its compliances / membership is not as big a deal to me as it may be to some. Mamaway does say: “Your ring sling is rigorously tested super strong nylon rings have been tested to carry up to 50kgs of weight for 24 hours”, so that is reassuring too.

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Some early parenting mistakes I’ve made

Admitting our mistakes is the first step to changing our behavior, and as a new mom I know I made many of them. Most were small mistakes, although I did once accidentally cut my daughter’s finger with the nail clippers, and called her pediatrician crying, asking what to do. Even that though, healed up in a couple days. Kids are pretty resilient. Most of these mistakes I won’t make again (except #5, which I’ve given up on getting right).

Maybe some of these will help you to be a better parent, or maybe they’ll just give you a laugh because you made that mistake too. I’d love to hear your stories too, so drop a comment or join our community on Facebook.

1. Mentioning to some new mom friends at a nursing support group that I always forget to wash teething rings. Oh the stares. None of them seemed to have this problem. Got the hang of it later, thank goodness.

baby teething parenting mistakes sophie the girafe parenting oh the simple joys
How clean is that sophie really? Can these things go in the dishwasher?

2. Bonking my newborns head on a doorframe. More than once. Okay to be fair, I don’t have depth perception and it’s hard to get used to carrying someone very precious around.

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Baby crying nonstop during the ‘witching hour’? CIO not necessary

I came across a comment from a parent today that said she had to use the “cry it out” method of sleep training because her baby was crying for about an hour in the evening no matter what she did. When Miri was an infant, she also had a very rough hour or two right around dinner time. My mama said that I had a fussier time too when I was a baby, in fact, she called it “the witching hour”.

don't let your baby cry it out during the witching hour

For us, the witching hour fell when Daddy came home from work and everything was busy. He thought it was him coming home that made her cry. The thought crossed my mind that maybe she just didn’t want to let me eat. Of course, since we know that babies are not manipulative, my sweet girl didn’t hate her father or want to prevent me from eating… she just was a normal baby who needed a little bit of extra attention at a certain time of day.

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