Welcome sweet boy! Baby James’ birth story

Welcome to the world James! We love you so much already, and you aren’t even a week old.

welcome james birth story oh the simple joys second child postpartum childbirth

James was born Tuesday, January 26 at 2:04pm in the afternoon. He was an unexpected 10 lbs 7 oz, and 23.25 inches long!

My OB had mentioned to me, “I don’t think you grow little babies” (Miriam was 8lb 9 oz) but truly we were all surprised by how big he was. 

The week James was born was the most incredible week of my life. Bodie and I got married! Then there was a huge blizzard. Then baby James was born! All in one week. I’ll share more details about those things later, this post is all about our new little one.

And now for his birth story…

Monday I did some serious nesting, in fact I think I nested myself right into labor. I was setting up the guest room / kids’ room, sorting baby clothes, etc. and just as I was grabbing some empty diaper packages to recycle, my water broke right there in front of the changing table. I had just said to Bodie “We need to get this, this and this done before your parents and the baby come”, and then next thing I was screaming for him from the other room to tell him my water broke.

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Hey there 2016, baby update, and our Christmas

2016 new year count down toddler party photo

“Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.”

This is kind of how I feel right now. We know not the day or the hour that this baby will be born, but it could be any time between now and my birthday.  I asked Bodie if it seemed like I was a ticking time bomb, and he said a resounding YES. I’m sort of calm about the whole thing, which is crazy, because Christmas stuff is everywhere and I still haven’t finished unpacking or “setting up the nursery”… but whatever. Babies don’t need much. We’ll make do, whenever he decides to make his appearance.

All is well with my health, and I am (very, very) slowly getting more energy back. There are good days and bad days and if I don’t drink crazy amounts of water I end up  parked right back on my couch.

But, things are pretty darn good. We have wonderful and generous friends who are giving us outgrown baby clothes, and offering to help with everything we might need. We had a beautiful (and low key) Christmas, and it was just right. We didn’t do a Christmas card this year, so here’s a picture of our family on Christmas instead:

family photo christmas oh the simple joys

and we did a “practice run” of Miri sleeping over at Grandma’s and she did great. There was talk about a babymoon to NYC, but I wasn’t really strong enough for that so we had a lovely night at home.

New Year’s was also low key, but we ate lots of yummy food and Miriam and I went to a friend’s Countdown to Noon party. It was very sweet, the kids loved it though I don’t think any of them understood the meaning of the holiday.

countdown to noon party new year's toddlers family parenting kids

So now I’ll finish getting the house in order, put the Christmas stuff away, and get ready for this baby! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, New Years, and holiday season.

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5 tips for joyfully hosting overnight guests + free printable

*Disclaimer: I received a free set of Fleur D’Extase soaps to review. There is also an Amazon Affiliate link in here, which you can read more on in my About section. All thoughts, opinions, etc. are honest and my own.*

5 tips for joyfully hosting overnight guests holidays visitors host prep preparations

Create a list of fun activities that your guests can do with or without you

This is one that I did the first time that Bodie’s parents came to stay with us. It ended up being such a blessing. I separated the list into categories — activities they could do in a short period of time (like going on a walk around our apartment complex), slightly longer (visiting a local museum) and day trips. I also included a list of restaurants I wanted to show them.

Having a list like this can empower your guest to really have a better visit, because THEY know what kind of activities they like, and can look it over on their own and decide which sound good. I included both indoor and outdoor activities, and ones that we could do as a group or that they could do on their own.

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Bedrest, burgers, and baby’s first ornament

weekly update bedrest pregnancy iron heart rate monitor christmas holiday ornaments catholic bloggers mom family parenting


Healthy foods! My OB wanted me to start eating healthier, so I sauteed some chicken breast and put it in one of those southwest salad packs. It was actually delicious, and we will likely be having this again. Unfortunately my healthy eating kick sort of dwindled this week as other health problems popped up *spoiler alert: I’m very, probably, totally fine* and I am glad to have a chicken over salad dinner “recipe” that we all like in my arsenal.


Got very dizzy and short of breath in church, and had to stay seated most of the time since I was afraid I’d get worse and pass out. Made it up for communion and then dodged out of there before I got too bad to drive home. Made it home, and Bodie came down and got Miriam and I out of the car. Laid around trying to recover, but had several more dizzy / short of breath spells and so Bodie ordered some take out for dinner.

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Happy Chanukah, pregnancy challenges, & our suppers this week

Happy Chanukah!


Yes we are Catholic, yes we celebrate Chanukah. I grew up in a Jewish / Presbyterian household, and then converted later (which you can read about here), but still took a few family traditions with me.

So we had a lovely family dinner with my parents and grandparents, latkes, brisket, the works. Miriam loved it, she was fascinated by the lights and the new Chanukah books that magically appeared on our living room table.

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