Our homeschool, not-so-back-to-school plan for preschool


I have been spending some time thinking about what kind of homeschooling we want to do, what activities to include, whether to use curriculum or not… etc.

And based on intuition, a hodge podge of articles I’ve read, and advice from my cousin and my mother-in-law… we’re keeping it pretty low key and play based.

There may be days for beautiful old schoolhouse style Catholic curriculum, and tiger mom levels of go-gettum, but this year of preschool isn’t it.

This year we’re doing play dough, going outside, singing songs, lots of field trips, baking and cooking, and reading of books. So many books. Like Peter Rabbit and A Child’s Garden of Verses and probably the book version of Frozen a million more times.

We’re slooooowly doing letter sounds and “what is a pattern” and learning that the term “last night” is not the best term for describing anything that happened at some point in the past.

We might do a gymnastics class, because really, who isn’t inspired to try gymnastics after seeing this amazing, amazing woman:

And we’ll reassess often. Change things as we need to. I’m excited for this year! How about you? What are your schooling plans for this year?

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