Fresh n’ Lean vegan meal delivery service review

***Disclaimer: Fresh n’ Lean provided me with the foods in this article for the purposes of this review. All thoughts, opinions, etc. are honest and my own.***

I am not a vegan, but I certainly appreciate tasty vegan food… and I was thrilled that this big ol’ vegan box of goodies came to me on a weekend that I would be spending around family members who DO mostly eat vegan food.

These dishes were pretty tasty, and all I had to do was heat them up. Sharing them was a treat. We had a family style tasting, and here’s what we thought:

Fresh n’ Lean Box:

fresh n' lean, vegan, meal delivery service vegetarian oh the simple joys dinner lunch breakfast food

Nicely packed. The Fresh n’ Lean folks assured me that my box could sit on my porch for awhile if I wasn’t there to pick it up. It came with lots of ice packs, and they called me to make sure I’d be around the day it was delivered. There was not excessive packaging, and I think most of it was recyclable.

The Food:

fresh n lean meal box delivery service vegan breakfast lunch dinner

We shared all the dishes and discussed our thoughts and opinions. I think the meals were very creative, and would work well for a busy person or professional who wants to eat healthy vegan food without having to cook. I did really appreciate that each meal seemed like it would be quite filling and nutritious. Here is what we thought of each item:

Walnut Passion Muffins

There was so much flavor packed into these little gluten free muffins. The texture wasn’t bad, moist and pretty crumbly. I am not sure what kind of GF flour was used, but this little guy was full of richness and sweetness. It was a little overwhelming, but tasty.

Mediterranean Artichoke Lentils

This was a very hearty and filling dish. Big yummy mushrooms, and a nice lemon flavor too. We didn’t really care for the olives, but we did like many aspects of this dish.

Curry Cauliflower Penne

Very mild, not very “curryish”. It was pretty sweet, and the noodles were a little soggy / made it an odd combination. I must say though, we are all curry loving people, so if you are new to curries and enjoy sweet meals, this would be a dish for you.

Dried Fruit Oatmeal

oatmeal dried fruit vegan fresh n lean oh the simple joys meal delivery service vegeterian

One family member in particular really loved this dish. He said it was “wonderful breakfast food”. It was sweet, and quite fruity. Not for everyone, and I do prefer fresh made oatmeal, but I can see many people enjoying this dish.

Mint Almond Quinoa and Cauliflower

General consensus of this dish was “it’s okay, a little dry”. I liked it and thought it was fun to eat. The mint was a little weird / surprising, but one of us really liked that. I think someone put some of the lentils on top of this, and enjoyed that.

To sum it up…

Thanks Fresh n’ Lean for the fun experience of tasting these dishes! We had a great time together as a family doing a vegan tasting of these foods.

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5 tips for joyfully hosting overnight guests + free printable

*Disclaimer: I received a free set of Fleur D’Extase soaps to review. There is also an Amazon Affiliate link in here, which you can read more on in my About section. All thoughts, opinions, etc. are honest and my own.*

5 tips for joyfully hosting overnight guests holidays visitors host prep preparations

Create a list of fun activities that your guests can do with or without you

This is one that I did the first time that Bodie’s parents came to stay with us. It ended up being such a blessing. I separated the list into categories — activities they could do in a short period of time (like going on a walk around our apartment complex), slightly longer (visiting a local museum) and day trips. I also included a list of restaurants I wanted to show them.

Having a list like this can empower your guest to really have a better visit, because THEY know what kind of activities they like, and can look it over on their own and decide which sound good. I included both indoor and outdoor activities, and ones that we could do as a group or that they could do on their own.

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Building your personal parenting style + a giveaway!

Disclaimer: Family Christian sent me a copy of Mothering From Scratch to review. They are also providing the winners of the giveaway with copies of the book. All thoughts, opinions, etc. are honest and my own.


mothering from scratch review giveaway parenting styles family christian oh the simple joys

When I first had a baby, I knew that I knew nothing. Yet everything seemed to come fairly easily. Some nurse told me to follow my instincts, and I did. I’m not saying there weren’t challenges, but Miriam was a very easy baby. Like Melinda, one of the authors of “Mothering From Scratch”, I ended up thinking that I just naturally was awesome at parenting. I had all the answers — until suddenly I didn’t.

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7 easy ways to reduce your waste as a family

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by, but all thoughts and opinions in this article are honest and my own. 


7 easy ways to reduce your waste as a family trash recycle reuse thrift zero-waste oh the simple joys parenting

  1. Reusable containers while on the go
    You can use items you have around the house (like mason jars) to bring your lunch or snack on the go, or you can buy fun containers like this awesome zip up snack pouch from that we now use. Other reusable on-the-go food ideas are thermoses, water bottles, bento boxes, and don’t forget the flatware!
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SavvyBaby Muslin Swaddle Blankets Review

Disclaimer: SavvyBaby sent me a set of their swaddle blankets for me to review. All thoughts, opinions, etc. are original and my own. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.


Bottom line, love this company, love these blankets. Some of you may remember I reviewed SavvyBaby’s stroller organizer earlier this year, and how awesome all the extra features were. The same company also has a line of muslin swaddle blankets that are just so darn sweet, I can’t wait to use them with our new little one.

savvybaby muslin swaddle blanket review oh the simple joys baby products gear registry

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